Sexting Examples For Men & Women

Someone sending a sext message

Sexting is awesome! But only if you do it right. Used correctly, a well thought-out sexy text message can completely seduce your partner and have them thinking about nothing else but you all day long.

Here are some great sexting examples for you to try out whether you’re currently dating, married or just texting the guy/girl you met in the club last weekend!

Sexting Examples For Women

  • I’m imagining you all over my body
  • My clothes feel so uncomfortable right now, come and help me get out of them
  • I can’t stop thinking about what you’re going to do to me tonight
  • Does it make you hard to imagine me standing naked, running my fingers down my legs til I’m touching my toes?
  • I’m dying to please you tonight
  • I want you in my mouth..
  • I’m so horny, do you want me to keep myself warm until I can see you?
  • I want to stroke you all the way to heaven
  • Does it turn you on knowing that I wrote this txt with one hand because my other is busy?
  • Not rude enough? Click here for the really naughty ones!

Sexting Examples For Men

  • Tell me how I can send you to heaven tonight
  • I want to feel your soft lips against mine, your inner thighs against my cheeks…
  • My only purpose tonight is to be a servant to your body
  • Thinking about kissing you… Everywhere…
  • I’m going to leave you exhausted tonight baby
  • Not rude enough? Click here for the really naughty ones!