Dirty Text Messages & Ideas

Dirty Text Messages To Send Your PartnerLet’s cut straight to the chase – you’re feeling kinky and you’re in the mood to send your partner some dirty texts. We have just what you’re looking for.

Let’s assume that you’re past the awkward “should I, shouldn’t I?” and you know that it’s time to get naughty!

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, check this list out and you’re sure to find something to get them turned on and thinking about you until you next meet…

Dirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

  • Hey stud, when can I see you? I need to see you… Naked…
  • I just made myself horny thinking about riding your hot body… I need you to come finish me off
  • Hey baby, want to leave the lights on tonight?
  • Do you remember how it feels to be inside me?
  • Your hands, all over my body…

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Dirty Text Messages To Send A Woman

  • I wanna put my lips to yours and keep kissing until your thighs grip my head in ecstasy¬†
  • Baby I’m aching to be in you
  • We need to have an argument, because I can’t wait to have make-up sex with you
  • All I can think about is kissing you passionately for hours on end, feeling your thighs against my face…

Sexting is a great way to get your partner thinking about you and is sure to make for an explosive night later. Feel free to click around our site for more sexting tips and notes on how to sext!